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Edd China quits Wheeler Dealers..

Wheeler Dealers is a great car show, reportedly the biggest on the planet at the moment. It is broadcast in about 220 territories around the globe and apparently has several hundred million viewers worldwide. This success would not be possible without the huge collaborative effort put in by the production team over the years but also we must thank the loyalty and appreciation of our fans.

Making Wheeler Dealers is no easy task and every episode requires a massive effort from a dedicated team of people. We started, all those years ago, on a tiny niche channel in the UK with just a small production: Michael Wood and Dan Allum, the founders of Attaboy TV and the originators of the show, a production manager, a camera man, a sound man, Mike and myself. One hundred and thirty five cars later we have grown to a production team of over forty five staff, and we are now entertaining much of the TV watching planet. It’s been quite a ride.

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It was exactly the worldwide popularity of Wheeler Dealers and sheer size of the audience, coupled with the lack of product placement and brand endorsements within the show which meant that Discovery US and Velocity Channel saw an opportunity for further exploitation of the brand and so after season twelve the show commission was taken over by Velocity Channel in the US, who decided to replace Attaboy TV with Discovery Studios in California.

Unfortunately, on Velocity’s first attempt at producing the show they found Wheeler Dealers ‘too difficult to make’, ‘at least in its current format’. In particular, the detailed and in depth coverage of my fixes in the workshop; what I consider to be the backbone and USP of the programme, are something Velocity feel should be reduced. The workshop jobs are certainly the hardest part of the show to make and reducing their substance and role in the show will save the production considerable time, effort and therefore money. However, this new direction is not something I am comfortable with and I feel my only option is to let Velocity get on with it, without me.

Wheeler Dealers has been an enormous part of my life since 2002, a real roller coaster of demanding challenges and triumphant moments. It has been a real privilege to meet and work with so many great people and to have so much fun going on wonderful joy rides in great cars in amazing locations. Leaving the show at the height of its success has been a really tough decision to make but I believe the time is right for me to spread my wings.

I would like to thank Attaboy TV, Mike, our incredible crew, and everyone who has contributed to making such a great programme for all of these years. A special big thank you must go to every one of our fans for watching the show over the past thirteen series, it has been great having you along for the ride, your appreciation means so much.

Mike and Velocity will continue to make Wheeler Dealers, apparently with Ant Anstead taking my place in the workshop, so new episodes will be on your screens in due course. Taking on the role of new mechanic will not be an easy one so please give Ant your support, I wish him the very best of luck. It will certainly be nice to see Mike turn up at the workshop with yet another wreck knowing I don’t have to do any of the work!

As for me, I am already working on some great new shows which will expand my world in new directions and, as I will have a bit of time on my hands, I’ll even start to put some things up on my youTube channel, so keep an eye out for that.

Discovery keep encouraging us all to: ‘make your world bigger’ – and that is exactly what I am doing. I can’t wait to get cracking on the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. More on that in due course…

Edd China.


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RT @Bloodhound_LSR: Revitalised Bloodhound LSR gets new livery and headquarters! Find out more at https://t.co/lINnAe3UwK https://t.co/wEfE…
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#WheresEdd - well, in May I’ll be in these places... See you there!

Apparently, you can reserve your space on one of these links.

WATERSTONES: https://bit.ly/2u7N9RT
WH SMITH: https://bit.ly/2TIPO31
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#WheresEdd? Well in May I’ll be signing my new book at these locations...please book your places here https://t.co/l4Lq70LnfO for Waterstones and here https://t.co/gwqX8JrFOU for W H Smiths...see you there! https://t.co/RN8GwEhusC
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Got caught in the rain today. Wished I’d thought to bring my rain gear... but then again... https://t.co/deaeD1J4LY
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Thank you @rickygervais for an evening of snot and tears. We laughed ‘til we cried and cried just as hard binge watching #AfterLife It is a masterpiece.
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RT @WHSmith: How excited are we!? @TheEddChina will be coming to WHSmith stores in Reading, Birmingham and Manchester this May to sign copi…
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Just this.... with CTEK Battery Chargers
Edd China is attending an event at Årsunda Strandbad - camping & vandrarhem.
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Landracing.se Really looking forward to doing a spot of ice racing at the Landracing.se Speed Weekend in Falun this weekend!
Nu finns Landracing.se med dom stora grabbarna i USA, vi har under 5 års tid jobbat mot den internationella fartrekordorganisationen på ...
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Edd China reveals why he'd never rejoin Wheeler Dealers in a barbershop Had a chat with some dodgy bloke in a barbershop.... DRIVETRIBE
He has spent his life making petrolhead DIY seem extremely simple, as well as playing a huge role in one of the most popular motoring shows ever. Edd China ...
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Photos from Edd China's post Greenery on the factory floor makes for a better work environment - and a place to hide a film crew and even the odd tall bloke...
Edd China is at Sandvik Teeness.
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Photos from Edd China's post What a great bunch of skilled and dedicated people. Thanks to Grete, Karin, Dan, Thormod & all the team at Sandvik Coromant in Trondheim for letting me come and play with your tools and make stuff!
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In beautiful Trondheim, Norway to learn how to make some...SILENCE from Sandvik Coromant
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The London Classic Car Show In disguise...
"For the love of Edd!"

The Supagard Theatre was jam-packed again today at the #LCCS2019. A question on many people's minds was "where's Edd?" - just like that he appeared.

The next #Supagard Theatre instalment starts at 4.50pm, ...
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When the car in front is a Toleman F1 car and Quentin Wilson photobombs... The London Classic Car Show
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Photos from Edd China's post So what do we think, electrifying classic cars - is it the future or pure vandalism? Interesting debate at The London Classic Car Show
Edd China is attending an event at ExCeL London Exhibition and Convention Centre.
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AskEdd 7 (What have I been doing all this time? Part 1) AskEdd 7

OK, OK, I have been very quiet for a long time so it's about time I break the radio silence and answer the question most of you have been asking for ages:-

What have I been doing all ...
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Built By Many Trailer Very pleased to share our trailer with you.

Want to be part of the show, or follow our progress? SUBSCRIBE to the Built By Many YouTube channel.


For sponsorship and brand integration opportunities info@builtbymany.com


Trevor Chambers at ...
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Edducated 1: How to service a floating caliper brake setup Edducated 1

This summer the guys at Mintex asked me to make some internal training videos about the best practice for servicing brakes. Now they have kindly let me show it to you. So, for your viewing pleasure here is ...
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AdvertisEdd XCP (30 second ad) Take back time with this most exceptional (and shorter) thirty second version of the TV advert for XCP.
Hope you have as much fun watching this as we did creating it!
Despite the irreverence of the ad, the product really ...
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AskEdd 6 (My Bad Obsession session) AskEdd 6 (https://www.youtube.com/user/badobsessionmsport)

For this AskEdd I have driven almost all the way out of the country (from England to Wales) to get to the edge of the beautiful and rather rugged county of Shropshire to catch up with the ...

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