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Penlight LED (Philips / Grease Junkie)

Penlight LED (Philips / Grease Junkie)
Penlight LED (Philips / Grease Junkie) Penlight LED (Philips / Grease Junkie)
Brand: Philips
Product Code: LPL36RECHX1
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See better, work better
Compact, USB-rechargeable LED worker’s companion
Philips Penlight Premium offers an unprecedented combination of high-quality light output of both an inspection and pointer light, new aluminum housing and 
chenical/ water/ dust-resistance in one slim pen.  Real all-in-one choice! 
See what remains hidden to others
  • Powerful focus light: 120 lumen
  • High-power LUXEON® LED light with up to 145 lm output
  • Wide beam angle: up to 90° 
  • Defeat darkness with soft natural light
High resistance 
  • Strong impact resistance –IK07
  • Resistant to chemicals and workshop solvents
  • Water and dust-protected –IP54
Hands-free lighting
  • Ready to use within 2 hours
  • 80° swivel hook with magnet
Never loose your lamp again
  • Improved colour scheme for ease relocation


Outer Carton
  • Number of Consumer packagings: 4
  • Gross weight: 1,344 kg
Electrical characteristics
  • Battery charging time: 2 h
  • Battery run time: up to 6 h
  • Battery type: 2 x AA LFP
  • Charging cable type: Micro USB port
  • Plug type: cigarette charger
  • Power source: Rechargeable
  • Voltage: 100-240 V
  • Wattage: 5 W
Light characteristics
  • Beam angle: 80 degrees
  • Beam angle: (pointer): 15 degrees
  • Color temperaure: 6000 K
  • LED lifetime: 10000 h
  • Light intensity (Boost): 300 lux at 0,5 m
  • Light intensity (pointer): 4500 lux at 0,5 m
  • Light output: 145 lumen
Outerpack information
  • Gross weight per piece: 1344 g
Product description
  • Hook: 80 degree swivel clip
  • Impact protection rating (IK): IK07
  • Ingress protection rating (IP): IP54
  • Magnet
  • Materials and finishing: Robust metal housing
  • Number of LED’s: 5
  • Operating temperature: -10 to 50 degrees C
  • Resistant to: grease, oil, workshop solvents
  • Technology: LED
  • Strong impact resistance IK07
  • Wide beam angle
  • ”Philips Penlight Premium Edd China as a beam angle of up to 80 degrees, illuminating a large area to make your 
  • quick inspections more simple.”
  • Focus Light: 120 lumen
Annoyed by the low quality of focu light? Don’t worry. The upgraded Penlight Premium Edd China pointer offers a powerful 120 lumen of focus light that enable you to see what remains hidden to others. Thanks to its ultra-slim design, Philips Penlight Edd China can be manouvered through very small spaces, and it’s strong LUXEON ® LED source will illuminate everything.
High- power LUXEON ® LED  light
”Don’t miss out! Small and energetic, Philips Penlight Premium Edd China provides an amazing light output of 145 lumen with it’s high-power LUXEON ® LED’s. This slim companion ensures that you are not left in the dark when trying to spot even the smallest details.”
Water and dust- protected
Philips Penlight Premium Edd China conforms to the IP54 standard. Your slim protection tool is fully protected against water, humidity and dust from both inside and outside of your workshop.

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