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philips pen light

Philips Penlight

Compact, USB-rechargeable LED worker’s companion

Philips Penlight Premium offers an unprecedented combination of high-quality light output of both an inspection and pointer light, new aluminum housing and chenical/ water/ dust-resistance in one slim pen. Real all-in-one choice!


This ’Special Eddition’ was a collaboration between Philips and Grease Junkie by Edd China.





See what remains hidden to others


  • Powerful focus light: 120 lumen
  • High-power LUXEON® LED light with up to 145 lm output
  • Wide beam angle: up to 90°
  • Defeat darkness with soft natural light


Hands-free lighting


  • Ready to use within 2 hours
  • 80° swivel hook with magnet


Download Full Penlight Specs