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Extra length gloves

Grease Junkie Extra Length Gloves

"I use these excellent gloves all the time in the workshop. The extra long cuff means you can safely delve deeper into the grease and grime, the super stretchy double-dipped nitrile rubber is more resistant to ripping and the textured finger tips make them really good on small jobs that require fingertip sensitivity." Edd

Extra long cuff
Powder free
Latex free
MBT free
Thiuriam free
Supplied in a box of 50.


To measure your glove size

Measure (in inches) around your hand with a tape measure across your palm. You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.

Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the hand. Use the largest of these two measurements (in inches) for the correct size gloves.

As the gloves are stretchy, some people prefer to have a tight fit to give better feel.

If your hand measures 8 inches around its widest point (excluding the thumb), your glove size is 8.

Where our gloves are sized S,M,L and XL, the following guide will apply:

For Men:-
Small 7
Medium 8
Large 9
Extra Large 10